About Us

Eco-Bliss is an SA8000 certified company that has been in business since 1996. We export products of international standards to over 80 countries.Having been the first exporters to enter this market at the global level, we are always a step ahead of our competitors in making innovative products of unparalleled quality and affordable pricing.

Presently, we have an in-house production capacity of about 80 million bio-plates per annum, which is upgradeable to 100 million. Our symbiotic relationship with the local Areca nut farmers has ensured mutual growth while serving Mother Earth. Given the environmental toll, avoiding products that generate greenhouse gases isn’t a choice anymore and needs to be our way of life.








Our goal is to offer eco-friendly products of superior quality and competitive pricing, with constant innovation and refinement.


Our vision is to be a forerunner in the global Bio-Plates market and to grow our network of employees, suppliers, shareholders, and customers to revolutionize this industry and give back to society.


We constantly strive to improve our product with innovation and research and to satisfy our customers with timely delivery of quality products.

From leaf to table.

Eco-Bliss proudly takes credit for introducing the concept of Bio-Plates in the European market. Our products are manufactured from naturally fallen dry sheaths of Betel nut trees and palm leaves. However, Eco-Bliss has pioneered a unique mechanical process to manufacture these traditionally hand-crafted cottage industry kitchenware, designed to suit our customer’s changing needs and thereby, allowing them to dine in proximity with nature.

This has now helped to mass-produce sturdy products that are biodegradable, microwave proof, waterproof, freezer safe, odorless, and hygienic. Our optimized manufacturing process with hygienic conditions, trained operational personnel, skilled professionals, and dedicated quality assurance systems ensure that we produce the least Carbon Footprints while manufacturing our eco-friendly kitchenware. Having the versatility of plastic, the durability of metal, and the elegance of glass, our biodegradable kitchenware is not only a smart alternative but a cost-effective solution against the traditional greenhouse-producing options.